What athletes are saying

"I wanted to say thank you so much for the training camp this past weekend. I know organizing a camp like this is a lot of work and I so very much appreciate it! I had such a wonderful time and I learned so much! I am so grateful for everything from strength training, to a discussion about rules, to you looking at our running form, talking about transitions, and organizing our routes. I found so many aspects to be helpful and I'm very grateful for the opportunity to train with a great group of athletes. This weekend made me very excited"

"Thanks Todd! Thoroughly enjoyed the camp! ...and the FOOD!"

"Thanks so much for everything this weekend Todd.  I had an awesome time and can’t wait to continue my training with all that I learned!"

"Yes, thanks Todd, and thanks also to all coaches and participants.  I really enjoyed spending time and training with everyone in such an awesome setting.  This was definitely one of the best things I’ve done!"


"I am close to tearing up when I think about how grateful I am for the opportunity to train in such an incredible place with so many incredible athletes.  Thanks for your help, guidance."

"I am grateful... to have a coach who gave us just as much mental support as he did physical support out on the run and bike course. 

Friends that waited for me out on the bike course. Kind roommates that found beauty in climbing hills named after bears. Friends who turned their 8 mile runs into 15 miles so I wouldn't be alone"


"Thank you Todd and All for this great weekend, super training, laughs and jokes. Thank you to Fernando for all help and Ken for sharing knowledge. I  wish all of you good luck with everything that you are doing and all your races. All the best! "